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Judicandus est Prout ecclesia. Abu Al-Hasan and Abu Ja'afar the Leper. The Princess, be it noted, is not supposed to be merely romancing, but speaking with the second sight, the clairvoyance, of perfect affection. Among the popular shrines in Germany were the holy blood at Stemberg from 1492, the image of Mary at Grimmenthal from 1499, as a cure for the French sickness, the head. The fund of merits at the Churchs dispositionthesaurus meritorum as defined by Clement., in 1343, is a treasury of spiritual assets, consisting of the infinite merits of Christ, the merits of Mary and the supererogatory merits of the saints, which the Church uses.

'How can you promise me in marriage to an infidel?' said I to my father. If he had not gone through unharmed, he at any rate, in dying, would have shown his moral heroism. The City of Brass. Xxxi.) which is more than once noticed in The Nights. To his prophecies he applied Christs own words, that no jot or tittle should fail till they were fulfilled. 30, 174, 246, 248, 249 and 250) were previously published. During the 40 days the duke of Gaunts body was to remain unburied, 50 marks were to be distributed daily until the 40th day, when the amount was to be increased to 500 marks. The Himmelwagen, the Heavenly Carriage, represents the horses as faith, love, repentance, patience, peace, humility and obedience.

439 Grammatik des Arabischen Vulgaer Dialekts von AEgyptian,. I cannot, however, but think that the trivial term gained strength in the xvith, when the manners of the Bugres or indigenous Brazilians were studied by Huguenot refugees in La France Antartique and several of these savages found their way to Europe. (O Willow, O green Willow mine!) FN#308 So in Hector France La vache enragee "Le sourcil en accent circonflexe et l'oeil en point d'interrogation." FN#309 In Persian "Ab-i-ru" in India pronounced Abru. On the 11th of February, he stood again in the pulpit of the duomo. Lane mistranslates, "Made for her a funeral procession." FN#107 These lines have occurred before. Lorenzo had sought to win the preacher by personal attention and blandishments.


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He offered a plenary indulgence on the collection of every 100 gulden. Saif drew his sword also, and cried "God is great!" as Shaikh Gyat had taught him. Berjeau: Biblia pauperum,. "I was overcome by weeping and could not." So wrote the reporter while taking down a sermon, and Savonarola himself felt the terrible strain of his efforts and often sank back into his seat completely exhausted. Ed., 1899.Ranke in Hist. "I know of no honest friar save this one he exclaimed. 29 and in Abu Kir and Abu Sir (Nights cmxxx. Sometimes it charged 5, sometimes it appropriated amounts not reckoned strictly on the basis of a fixed per cent. Geiler called upon the city authorities to come to the help of society and the preacher and legislate against such evils.

1 containing a long introduction, and vol. Of Virdan in the time of Hakim Veemrelack (N.B.-He built the Mosque in going from Cairo to Heliopolis) (57). At length the news of him reached King Saif Ar-Raad, who sent against him three thousand men, but he routed and destroyed them all. Wilson,"s the name Pippilika ant-gold, given by the people of Little Thibet to the precious dust thrown up in the emmet heaps. FN#104 Here the exclamation wards off the Evil Eye from the Sword and the wearer:. Viii.) prefixed to the Bourdin Edit. So the Greeks had Homeristae reciters of Homer, as opposed to the Homeridae or School of Homer. As an administrator, he failed. The holy coat of Treves was brought to light in 1512.

This was the chief objection to her beatification in 1716, but the arguments for an unfavorable judgment of Savonarola were answered on that occasion. History of Prince Zeyn Alasnam. In ridiculing the preaching of his day, Erasmus held forth the preachers ignorance, their incongruous introductions, their use of stories from all departments without any discrimination, their old womens tales and the frivolous topics they choseaniles fabulae et questiones frivolse. The Pilgrim Man and the Old Woman. It is accepted as genuine by Paulus. I read it in a juvenile book published about the end of last century, entitled the Pleasing Instructor. He immediately sent for his Wazir, and lamented over his misfortune. 248) was contributed. 1123; Ibn al-Khazin (ob. Abu Nowas with the Three Boys and the Caliph Harun Al-Rashid.

Anna am Ausgange des MA, Freib., 1896. There is good reason to suppose that this is subsequent to the first English edition, which, however, Addison does not mention. Note: Both Janssen and Abbot Gasquet spend much pains in the attempt to show that the mediaeval Church was not opposed to the circulation of the Bible in popular versions or the Latin Vulgate. What commentaries were produced in the flourishing era of Scholasticism, were either collections of"tions from the Fathers, called Chains, catenae, the most noted of which was the catena on the Gospels by Thomas Aquinas, or, if original works, they teemed with endless suggestions. Van der Post, in 3 vols. The list of tales (as will be seen by the numbers in brackets, which correspond to our Table, as far as the identifications are safe) will show the approximate contents of the., but the list (which is translated into German by Habicht in the. Von Hammer, und aus dem Franzoesischen in das Deutsche von.

Of the Ancient Hindus London: Truebner and., 1880. . Wilson) as containing two of Galland's doubtful tales, but which they were was not stated. 259.) It is an old book, but may still be consulted with advantage. In the closing decade of the 15th century the city of Florence seemed to be on the eve of becoming a model municipality, a pattern of Christian morals, a theocracy in which Christ was acknowledged as sovereign. 309) like Moyyah (dim.

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